Effegi Service S.p.A. was conceived in 1996 thanks to an idea of a team of Italian managers and the financial support of Mantua Surgelati S.p.A. Their deep knowledge of the frozen seafood industry in addition to the experience of Mantua Surgelati S.p.A. in the frozen food distribution, gave life to a company with decidedly innovative features.
In fact, the company is organized to work without middlemen. It guarantees high quality products and, at the same time, can meet any special customer requirements thanks to its flexibility.
The company’s main headquarters is in the province of Mantua where its business offices are located. The company also counts on a commercial subsidiary in Tuscany equipped with a large warehouse and factory for the fish product processing.


Effegi Service S.p.A. is specialised in the import and distribution of deep-frozen foods and ever since the start it has gained a market reputation for professional, serious, reliable and punctual service. Effegi Service S.p.A. has quickly grown and developed thanks to the hard work and knowledge that have always been its distinctive features, consolidating a strong position in its specific business sector.
Based on its corporate philosophy, Effegi Service S.p.A. target is Customer Satisfaction by offering impeccable service thanks to an efficient streamlined structure and to constant improvement of company activities.


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Legal site

Via Spallanzani, 2
Località Valdaro
46100 Mantova
P.IVA IT01796580205
Phone: +39 (0)376 343101
Fax: +39 (0)376 343102

Operative site

Via Provinciale Pisana, 143 - 143/a
Loc. Pieve a Ripoli
50050 Cerreto Guidi (FI)
Phone: +39 (0)571 588378
Fax: +39 (0)571 588033